Ethical Breach and Whistleblowing Reporting System

The OTP Bank Group operates on the basis of lawful, fair and ethical conduct and the detection of cases of non-compliance and the taking of appropriate measures.

Based on and in order to comply with Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law and the legislation ensuring compliance with it, the OTP Group operates an internal reporting channel.

The purpose of reporting the breaches is to provide whistleblowers with the opportunity to report violations of the law and of the Code of Conduct of the OTP Group (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Code") and to encourage and facilitate the reporting of such violations. The Whistleblowing System is operated by OTP Bank Plc. Compliance Directorate and the compliance departments of the subsidiaries concerned.

All reports of breaches received will be objectively and impartially investigated by the relevant compliance department of the OTP Group.

In connection with the activities of a subsidiary of OTP Bank Plc. or its employee, it is possible to submit a group-wide report to OTP Bank Plc. Compliance Directorate by selecting the group level Whistleblowing (Whistleblowing form, point I.), not only to the local compliance organisation.

The Compliance Directorate of OTP Bank or another authorised department of OTP Bank will investigate the report within a maximum of thirty days from the receipt of the report, determine whether a breach of rules or a violation has occurred and take the necessary steps to resolve the matter. The duration of the investigation can be maximum 3 months.

OTP Bank Plc or the subsidiary investigating the Whistleblowing shall inform the Whistleblower in writing about the investigation of the Whistleblowing and its result, or about the decision not to file a Whistleblowing and the reasons for such decision.

The OTP Group will treat the fact and content of the Report as confidential, the personal data of the Whistleblower will not be disclosed without the consent of the Whistleblower, and no one will be harmed for reporting a violation or ethical concern in good faith.

The (anonymous) Whistleblower shall be informed - where possible - if the information provided by him/her is not sufficient/suitable to investigate his/her Whistleblowing or of the fact that in case the information indispensable for the initiation or effective conduct of the investigation cannot otherwise be obtained for any reason, the investigation may be closed without result.

It is important that you report in good faith. Please note that if it becomes apparent that you have communicated material but false information in bad faith, and there are indications that a criminal offence or irregularity has been committed, your personal data must be disclosed to the authority or person entitled to conduct the proceedings; or if there are reasonable grounds for believing that you have caused unlawful damage or other legal harm to another person, your personal data must be disclosed at the request of the authority or person entitled to initiate or conduct the proceedings.

Please note that the form below is only for reporting any breach of ethics and the law. If you wish to make a complaint about a product/service, please contact our staff at the relevant OTP subsidiary's website using one of the contact details under the Complaints Handling/Customer Service menu.

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