Executive management

Managing directors

Zsolt ArdóRisk Analysis and Regulation Directorate
Gyula BarabásAsset Liability Management Directorate
Attila BánfiGlobal Markets Directorate
Imre BertalanHuman Resources Management Directorate
Péter BeseInternational Retail Directorate
Gábor Csaba BucsekIT and Bank Security Directorate
Dr. Sándor CsányiGroup Governance Directorate
Dr. Bálint CsereLegal Directorate
Tibor CsonkaDebt Management Directorate
Gábor CzikoraIT Development Directorate
Anna FlorovaRetail Lending Tribe
György GáldiCredit Approval Directoratecorporate credit approval
dr. Zoárd GázmárCompliance Directorate
Tímea HorváthRetail Customer Tribe
Zoltán KaszásGroup IT Strategy and Support Directorate
László KecskésInternal Audit Directorate
Gábor KolicsGroup Acquisition and Integration Directorate
András KuhárszkiOmnichannel Tribe
Dr. Miklós NémethSpecialised Lending Directorate
Zsolt PocsaiIT Operations Directorate
Gergely PókosGreen Program Directorate
Árpád SrankóStrategy, Planning and Controlling Directorate
István SzabóCorporate Directorate, Directorate for the Agricultural Sector
Zoltán SzrenkóReal-estate Investment an Supply Chain Directorate
Domokos TakácsDaily Banking Tribe
Zoltán TubolyAccounting and Finance Directorate
  • DirectorZsolt ArdóDirectorateRisk Analysis and Regulation Directorate
  • DirectorGyula BarabásDirectorateAsset Liability Management Directorate
  • DirectorAttila BánfiDirectorateGlobal Markets Directorate
  • DirectorImre BertalanDirectorateHuman Resources Management Directorate
  • DirectorPéter BeseDirectorateInternational Retail Directorate
  • DirectorGábor Csaba BucsekDirectorateIT and Bank Security Directorate
  • DirectorDr. Sándor CsányiDirectorateGroup Governance Directorate
  • DirectorDr. Bálint CsereDirectorateLegal Directorate
  • DirectorTibor CsonkaDirectorateDebt Management Directorate
  • DirectorGábor CzikoraDirectorateIT Development Directorate
  • DirectorAnna FlorovaDirectorateRetail Lending Tribe
  • DirectorGyörgy GáldiDirectorateCredit Approval Directoratecorporate credit approval
  • Directordr. Zoárd GázmárDirectorateCompliance Directorate
  • Director Tímea HorváthDirectorateRetail Customer Tribe
  • DirectorZoltán KaszásDirectorateGroup IT Strategy and Support Directorate
  • DirectorLászló KecskésDirectorateInternal Audit Directorate
  • DirectorGábor KolicsDirectorateGroup Acquisition and Integration Directorate
  • DirectorAndrás KuhárszkiDirectorateOmnichannel Tribe
  • DirectorDr. Miklós NémethDirectorateSpecialised Lending Directorate
  • DirectorZsolt PocsaiDirectorateIT Operations Directorate
  • DirectorGergely PókosDirectorateGreen Program Directorate
  • DirectorÁrpád SrankóDirectorateStrategy, Planning and Controlling Directorate
  • DirectorIstván SzabóDirectorateCorporate Directorate, Directorate for the Agricultural Sector
  • DirectorZoltán SzrenkóDirectorateReal-estate Investment an Supply Chain Directorate
  • DirectorDomokos TakácsDirectorateDaily Banking Tribe
  • DirectorZoltán TubolyDirectorateAccounting and Finance Directorate

Central managers

TitulusDirectorDirectoratePhone number
Chief AccountantZoltán TubolyAccounting and Finance Directorate +36 1 298 3000
Chief Legal AdviserDr. Bálint CsereLegal Directorate +36 1 473 5000
Investor Relations OfficerSándor PatakiInvestor Relations & Debt Capital Markets +36 1 473 5000
Marketing ManagerZoltán Péter NagyMarketing and Communication Directorate +36 1 486 6000
HR ManagerImre BertalanHuman Resources Management Directorate+36 1 473 5000
  • TitulusChief AccountantDirectorZoltán TubolyDirectorateAccounting and Finance Directorate Phone number+36 1 298 3000
  • TitulusChief Legal AdviserDirectorDr. Bálint CsereDirectorateLegal Directorate Phone number+36 1 473 5000
  • TitulusInvestor Relations OfficerDirectorSándor PatakiDirectorateInvestor Relations & Debt Capital Markets Phone number+36 1 473 5000
  • TitulusMarketing ManagerDirectorZoltán Péter NagyDirectorateMarketing and Communication Directorate Phone number+36 1 486 6000
  • TitulusHR ManagerDirectorImre BertalanDirectorateHuman Resources Management DirectoratePhone number+36 1 473 5000

Regional directors

Gábor GalovicsBudapest Region
József WindheimSouth-Plain Region
Ágnes Foltinné GötzSouth Transdanubian Region
József NémethNorthern Transdanubian Region
József BarkóNorth-East Hungary Region
  • DirectorGábor GalovicsRegionBudapest Region
  • DirectorJózsef WindheimRegionSouth-Plain Region
  • DirectorÁgnes Foltinné GötzRegionSouth Transdanubian Region
  • DirectorJózsef NémethRegionNorthern Transdanubian Region
  • DirectorJózsef BarkóRegionNorth-East Hungary Region

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