Responsible employer

As a major employer in the region, we have a responsibility to our staff. We are committed to decent employment that provides a fair living and promotes individual well-being and development. The role of our employees is key to the success of OTP Group and, as such, our primary goal is to develop and retain a talented and committed workforce. To this end, we want to make our employees well-trained, prepared and satisfied, with a focus on improving employee experience. Our role as a responsible employer is based on the following key areas: training, involvement.

Diversity and inclusion

Our aim is to create an environment where our committed employees can work in a diverse, supportive team, in an inclusive work culture and where they can perform to the best of their abilities. Diversity and inclusion is not only the right step, but is also essential to the implementation of the corporate strategy.

Our colleagues come from different backgrounds, with different qualifications and experience, different world views and different family backgrounds, and our objectives include

  • establishing diverse, professionally outstanding, supportive teams and an open, collaborative working culture,
  • ensuring equal opportunities and opportunities for all employee groups in the workplace,
  • creating an open and inclusive workplace free from discrimination.

We place strong emphasis on ensuring that an approach aimed at diversity and inclusion is integrated into our work culture and embedded in our everyday practices, in the design of our operational processes and in the development of our managers.

We coordinate our efforts at Group level and use all means to reinforce this approach in our new programmes and internal communication.

OTP Bank’s strategy for gender equality


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