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Group facts - Albania

Bledar Shella

Bledar Shella

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Management Board

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We, at OTP Bank Albania, believe that everybody is meant for greatness. This belief is at the core of our activities and it guides us while serving our clients all over Albania, and maintaining qualitative relationships with the stakeholders of the Bank.

It also helps us understand what matters most to our clients, our employees and our shareholders in order to achieve the best service and working environment.

OTP Bank Albania is guided by the desire to walk into the future as a strong and sustainable financial institution. This aspiration, combined with the power of OTP Group, will be the main drive for us to become the number one bank in Albania and further expand the existing network of branches.

OTP Group has recently completed the purchase of Alpha Bank Albania. As the result of the integration process of the two banks in terms of total assets the market share of OTP Group in Albania is expected to reach around 11% and the customer loan portfolio to increase by one and a half times. Based on the latter, the Albanian operation of the banking group is expected to become the third largest market player with a 16.3% share.

Alpha Bank is a well-functioning, well-managed bank, and it has become a very valuable member of OTP Group. In the next period, both OTP Group member banks’ main focus will be to maintain the highest level of service quality and the successful implementation of the integration process.


  • The Banker - Bank of the Year 2022, Albania

    Bank of the Year in Albania – The Banker 2022

  • Albania BestBank 2021

    Best Bank in Albania – Euromoney 2021

  • Albania Euromoney 2020

    Best Bank in Albania – Euromoney 2020

Group facts – Bulgaria

Tamas Hak-Kovacs

Tamas Hak-Kovacs

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Management Board

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Welcome to DSK Bank!

DSK Bank is one of the biggest and the oldest bank in Bulgaria. But let me make an analogy. Many people want to live in an old house from the 19th century, but living in an old house from last century without the modern and convenient equipment of nowadays is not a dream to anybody. For that reason, in DSK Bank we aim to combine the rich history with modernisation of our services and channels.

DSK Bank is a symbol of stability, with high indicators of capital adequacy and liquidity, but we consider that it is not enough. The customers are looking for ease and comfort. For that reason, our goal is to improve customer satisfaction while maintaining our leading position in terms of stability.
Therefore, in the heart of our vision is the transformation through large-scale digitalisation, revamped effectiveness, new corporate culture and better customer service, designed depending on the customers’ needs. We invest in the development of innovative phygital solutions, enhanced personalised services and modern digital channels. This year we have been building the DSK bank’s Digital Factory that will enable us to develop new knowledge and capabilities in order to become the leading phygital bank in Bulgaria by 2024.

But this will not be possible without a powerful team, so our most valuable asset remains the people who work in DSK Bank. Hence, we will continue to invest in their talent, expertise and soft skills because these are the people and the great team who make the difference in our “Bank like people”.


  • The Banker - Bank of the Year 2022, Bulgaria

    Bank of the Year in Bulgaria – The Banker 2022

  • Bulgaria Best Bank 2021

    Best Bank in Bulgaria – Euromoney 2021

  • Bulgaria Best Bank Award 2021

    Best service provider in Bulgaria – Global Finance 2021

Group facts - Croatia

Balázs Békeffy

Balázs Békeffy

Chief Executive Officer

President of the Management Board

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OTP banka is the fourth largest bank on the Croatian banking market, with a total asset of HRK 43 billion. In its widely spread network consisting of over 100 branches throughout Croatia, around 2,500 of its employees provide services to over 500,000 retail as well as corporate customers. The bank is headquartered in Split, with some central and business functions in Zadar and Zagreb, as well as business centres in Varaždin, Pula, Dubrovnik and Osijek. We have grown into a significant player at the national level, yet maintaining strongholds in our domicile regions. Our strongest advantage is that we have not forgotten where we have come from, with our strong tradition stemming from 5 different local banks (Splitska, Dalmatinska, Dubrovačka, Istarska, Sisačka banka). Our local roots are strong and we keep them active and alive while continuously growing and spreading our business activities in all parts of Croatia.

We belong to the fastest-growing financial group in Central and Eastern Europe. Our cutting-edge financial products and services provide ample support to our customers’ life and business goals. Never losing focus on permanent development and excellence, we remain a socially responsible and reliable partner that creates an inspiring work environment and—in synergy with our customers, employees and owners—generates new values. Our banking group in Croatia offers a wide array of financial products and services, and besides the bank comprises OTP Leasing, OTP Invest, OTP Nekretnine (dealing with real-estate) and Georg (a consulting company with a focus on EU funds).

Keeping in step with the digital society we are immersed in, we are an easily accessible bank offering 21st century products. We recognise the diversity of our customers, and help them realise their plans in a sustainable fashion. In partnership with our customers, employees, owners and communities in which we operate, we create a sustainable and prosperous future.


  • Croatia-the-bankar-160x171

    The Bank of the Year in Croatia – The Banker 2021

  • Best custodian Global Investor Award

Group facts - Hungary


Dr. Sándor Csányi

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Dear Visitors,

Welcome on OTP Group’s website!

I take great personal pride in the fact that OTP Group is one of the fastest-growing financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe and is present in Central Asia too.

As one of the leading financial groups in the CEE region and Usbekistan, we aim to actively contribute to the success and growth of all of our clients, partners and employees. We are determined to provide simpler, more convenient and more accessible financial services to as many people as possible through our sustainable developments and unique regional expertise.

OTP Group's strength is derived from and nurtured by our diversity of countries, cultures and people. We are committed to contribute to the financial and social improvement of our local communities through socially responsible operations, fostering social inclusion, and financial education. This is how we create value for all our stakeholders.

Our customers and colleagues inspire us to continuously innovate and develop, instilling in us a deep sense of shared purpose that has driven us to become the leading financial services group in Central and Eastern Europe.

But our ambitions aim even higher: OTP Group aspires to become the leading bank of the digital era, helping 17 million customers achieve their goals with fast, convenient and secure financial solutions that harness the power of cutting-edge technological innovation.

At the same time, OTP Group fosters an inspiring, fair and caring workplace where every member of our more than 40,000-strong family is empowered to grow both professionally and personally.

Take a virtual tour on our website and discover our world.


  • The Banker - Bank of the Year 2022, CEE

    Bank of the Year in Central and Eastern Europe – The Banker 2022

  • hungary-euromoney-2021-160x190.jpg

    Best Bank in Hungary – Euromoney 2021

  • Hungary-global-finance-160x190.jpg

    Best Bank in Hungary – Global Finance 2021

Group facts – Moldova

Bogdan Spuza

Bogdan Spuza

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Executive Committee

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Welcome to OTP Bank Moldova!

For over 30 years of activity, OTP Bank Moldova has been one of the most stable and reliable financial institutions, a reputable financial advisor for both individual and corporate clients, as well as a trustworthy partner for the International Financial Institutions. In 2019, OTP Bank Moldova became a proud member of OTP Group, embracing new values and strengthening the existing ones: stability, trustworthiness and responsibility. 

OTP Bank Moldova serves nowadays more than 165,000 customers and offers a wide range of banking products and services through various channels, including 52 branches across the country. We are a bank that is continuously “upgrading” itself by improving and aligning its products and services to the OTP best standards. 

We are developing a customer centric culture in order to offer the most reliable, valuable and tailor made banking solutions. Therefore, in less than a year, OTP Bank Moldova implemented and launched its new Internet & Mobile Banking solution, and began a transformation process of its branch and ATM networks.

People are the most important asset of OTP Bank Moldova. We are offering, to all of our employees, a wide range of career development opportunities and benefits; we are actively involved in the community’s life, contributing to the improvement and development of the country’s socio-economic environment. Last but not least, we develop social inclusion and green initiatives through beautiful and reliable CSR partnerships.

Having its values at core, the Bank’s strategy is oriented towards digitalisation and better customer service, towards an organic business development, increasing operational efficiency and overall profitability. As of 31 December 2021, the Bank was ranked third by volumes of outstanding amounts of loans and deposits per banking system. Powered by a stable and powerful European shareholder, we will continue to write history in the banking sector of the Republic of Moldova.


  • Recognition for social involvement – Golden Mercury

  • Premium Care Trophy – Mastercard Day 2021

  • Top Employer of the Year – Employer Brand Perception Survey 2021

Group facts – Montenegro

Tamás Kamarási

Tamás Kamarási

Chairperson of the Management Board

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Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka a.d. Podgorica (CKB) for years has been a dominant participant on the banking and capital markets of Montenegro in every segment. The Bank’s stability, balanced operation and wide range of services and products make its results outstanding, particularly taking into the account the increasing competition.

To be one step ahead at all times, recognise and understand market demands, and always offer high quality products by implementing new technologies and new services, applying international business standards, connecting people and projects, and making people’s lives better—this is the mission of CKB since its establishment.

The strong support of the parent bank, OTP Bank contributes to the stable position of the CKB Bank and implementation of the highest ethical and business standards.

As a leader in technological innovations in the banking sector of Montenegro, realising the need of modern clients who want to quickly and easily perform transactions anytime and anywhere worldwide, we have developed and improved a modern and efficient information infrastructure. CKB was the first bank on the Montenegrin market that introduced Apple Pay and soft POS service in Montenegro.

Launching significant projects of the Montenegrin economy, leadership in the financial and banking industry, intensive international cooperation and strategic partnership make CKB an initiator of changes in the Montenegrin economy, a modern institution that links Montenegro with the developed world.


  • montenegro-euromoney-2021-160x190.jpg

    Award for Excellence – Euromoney 2021

  • Hungary-global-finance-160x190.jpg

    Best Bank in Montenegro – Global Finance 2021

  • Montenegro-Banker-160x190.jpg

    Bank of the Year in Montenegro – The Banker 2021

Group facts – Romania

Gyula Fatér

Gyula Fatér

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Management Board

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Dear Readers, 
The banking sector is a key factor in the country’s economic performance, and the good news is that in Romania we have a strong economy.
OTP Bank Romania, a subsidiary of OTP Group, is a universal bank, with a very good presence in all counties and an approach defined by responsibility, commitment and professionalism, which understands customer needs and the current market context and is a reliable partner in providing financial services.

Locally, OTP Bank is developing the Apollo growth strategy, which focuses on improving customer experience, process efficiency, changing key products and invigorating.
Simultaneously with the implementation of the Apollo growth strategy and several transformation programs, OTP Bank reports in 2021 a steady increase in lending and saving activities on the main business lines, results are based on constant investments in digitalisation and transformation projects.
We are on a good way, we still are investing into our infrastructure (people, digital and physical capabilities), and keep investing further to support our colleagues and serve our customers better.


  • romania-we-care-2021-160x160.jpg

    Customer`s Friend: Because It`s You We Care About  – ICERTIAS 2020

  • romania-icf-2021-160x160.jpg

    Customer`s Friend: Superior Excellence – ICERTIAS 2020

Group facts – Russia

OTP Bank Russia is a universal bank with a wide range of products with special strength in consumer lending.

Group facts – Serbia

Predrag Mihajlović

Predrag Mihajlović

Chief Executive Officer

President of the Executive Board

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Welcome to OTP banka Srbija!

OTP banka Srbija is the no.1 creditor at the Serbian market, both in retail and corporate, holding the leading position in factoring, e-commerce and leasing services, employing almost 3,000 people and servicing over 766,000 of active clients with an extensive footprint of 155 branches in 91 cities and 6 regions across the country. We have clients from all industries, from retail clients, farmers, entrepreneurs, to SMEs and large domestic and multinational companies.

In May 2021, OTP banka successfully completed the most complex integration project ever implemented on the Serbian market and managed to boost its performance and increase market share in all business segments, in spite of the pandemic crisis and resources focused in the merger process.

This was also recognized by the world-renowned magazine Euromoney, which at this year's Euromoney Award for Excellence 2022 ceremony declared OTP banka as the "Best Bank in Serbia". As a result of the successfully implemented most complex integration in the region in the midst of the pandemic, excellent business results with growing profitability, operational efficiency and healthy growth of the loan portfolio, OTP banka stood out as a leader on the banking market.

OTP Leasing Srbija, a leader in the leasing market of Serbia by production, also operates within OTP Group, as well as OTP Insurance, which, through OTP banka, provides life insurance services as an insurance agent.

Client focus, innovation, efficiency and collaboration are values we believe will make a difference between leaders and followers. OTP banka Srbija strives to be the every-day partner for our clients with a focus on building the relationship based on the understanding of their needs and providing quality services, expertise and support. Our vision is to be a champion on the Serbian market in customer experience and services innovation, and we will continue to lead digital transformation of the sector through continuous development of innovative products and bespoke customer experience on every touchpoint.

OTP banka has started its green transition with a major step forward and we are implementing numerous initiatives along that way. Green initiatives and projects are deeply rooted in our long-term strategy.

We believe people are the most important part of every organisation and that people management is of paramount importance. We nurture relationship with our employees and promote the company’s values among them, because only if employees truly believe and implement these values in their daily work can they provide the best service to our clients.

When you know where you are going, you can clearly see the road.


  • The Banker - Bank of the Year 2022, Serbia

    Bank of the Year in Serbia – The Banker 2022

  • Serbia-Euromoney-BestBank-2022-160x140.jpg

    Award for Excellence – Euromoney 2022

  • Grand prix 2022 award for CSR

Group facts – Slovenia

OTP Group entered the Slovenian banking market in 2019 with the acquisition of SKB banka and closed the transaction of acquiring Nova KBM (NKBM) in February 2023. After the transaction the merger of NKBM and SKB banka started immediately, creating the largest bank in terms of loans and deposit in Slovenia.

Anita Stojčevska, M.S.

Anita Stojčevska, M.S.

Chief Executive Officer

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Welcome to SKB banka!

The SKB Group consists of SKB Bank and the SKB Leasing Group, which includes SKB Leasing and SKB Leasing Select.

SKB Bank is the 3rd biggest bank in Slovenia,serving more than 200,000 individual and corporate clients. It is a development-oriented universal bank that provides a comprehensive and diverse range of quality banking products and services via various sales channels including 48 branches throughout Slovenia and via digital banking channels such as online and mobile banking, as well as its network of ATMs, payment and credit cards. SKB Bank deals with retail as well as small, medium-sized and large companies, it offers a wide range of financial services.

SKB Leasing and SKB Leasing Select upgrade banking services and products with the leasing ones. 
SKB Bank follows its values and strategic orientations according to which it strives to support the right decisions of individuals and stands by their side when they realise them, including the most important ones in life including decisions regarding a new home and investments in the future. By constantly adjusting the offer of our products and services, we strive to always bring clients closer to the solution they are looking for thus posing as an ever-present but almost invisible financial partner they can always rely on. Our vision is to be always present as a financial partner who addresses clients’ needs and enable best user experience on the market. We are determined to provide simple, convenient and accessible finances with the best advice and multichannel support. We want to contribute actively to the progress of our environment—all of our clients, employees and partners.

SKB Bank is a strong and reliable financial partner, always focused on clients’ needs. SKB Bank is a good and well-known employer. Exceptional strengths are in the field of employee’s growth and development, open and honest internal communication at all levels, encouraging a positive culture and good mutual relationships. We enable employees to develop their potential and we encourage team spirit.

John Michael Denhof

John Michael Denhof

Chief Executive Officer
Nova KBM Bank

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Welcome to Nova KBM banka!

We are Slovenia's second largest bank with more than 160-year tradition of banking. Through a major transformation in the recent years Nova KBM has evolved into one of the most innovative universal banks in the country. Under the ownership of OTP Bank and as a member of the OTP Group we continue to pursue our vision to be the best bank in Slovenia.

We solidified our position as the most accessible bank in Slovenia, which provides its clients superior and comprehensive financial services that they can use virtually anywhere, anytime. Digitalization, as development priority, represents one of the Bank’s strategic focuses and our online and mobile banks were named the best in Slovenia for the third year in a row.

Within the Group, we are also implementing a comprehensive ESG strategy that focuses on greater sustainability to strengthen our competitiveness and attractiveness. Nova KBM was the first bank in Slovenia to receive the Green Star certificate.

Excellence in customer service is the main goal of all our actions which are focused on ensuring the trust of our customers, regular measurement of their satisfaction, meeting their expectations and providing the best products and services to achieve their objectives.

At Nova KBM, we know what we’re doing and why we’re here. We introduce innovations that make sense, such as green loans with a clear focus on sustainability, or digital banking because it makes it easier for clients to do business.

We invest a lot of time, effort, and energy in creating an encouraging work environment for employees, where we communicate openly and build long-term relationships.

The performance and wider corporate responsibility of the Nova KBM Group are reflected in various surveys and awards received in different business areas.

We are proud of our rich 160-year tradition, experience, and achievements, based on which we can look to the future with confidence and optimism. We will continue to strengthen our role in the fulfilment of personal, business and wider social objectives through superior services and valuable partnerships.

Awards of SKB banka

  • The Banker - Bank of the Year 2022, Slovenia

    Bank of the Year in Slovenia – The Banker 2022

  • Slovenia-GlobalFinance-2022-160x190.jpg

    Best Bank in Slovenia – Global Finance 2022

  • slovenia-superbrands-160x190.png

    Superbrands 2022

Group facts – Ukraine

Volodymyr Mudryi

Volodymyr Mudryi

Chairman of the Board

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OTP Bank Ukraine is one of the largest domestic banks, the recognised leader of Ukraine's financial sector. Represented in the Ukrainian market since 1998, OTP Bank enjoys sound reputation for being socially responsible, reliable and sustainable financial institution providing its consumers with services of European quality standards.

OTP Bank Ukraine provides a full range of banking services to both corporate and private clients, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

In Ukraine, JSC OTP Bank is the flagship of the OTP Banking Group, which is registered by the National Bank of Ukraine and also includes OTP Capital Asset Management Company, OTP Leasing LLC, Freeflight Private Pension Fund and Open Fund OTP Pension.


  • Ukraine_global_private_baking_2021_160x225.png

    Best Private Bank in Ukraine – Global Private Banking Awards 2021

  • Ukraine_global_banking_finance_160x225.jpg

    Best Retail Bank Ukraine 2021 – Global Banking & Finance Awards

  • Ukraine_global_banking_and_finance_agrari_2021_160x225.jpg

    Best Agri Business Bank Ukraine 2021 – Global Banking and Finance Awards 

Group facts – Uzbekistan

Elyor Inomjonov

Elyor Inomjonov

Executive Board Chairman

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JSCMB Ipoteka Bank is the fifth largest bank in the banking system of Uzbekistan. The Bank accounts for 8% of total assets and deposits in the banking system, 16% of the retail loans, and has the largest share in the mortgage market with 28%.

The bank accepts deposits from legal entities and individuals, issues loans, provides money transfer services in Uzbekistan and abroad. The bank serves more than 1.5 million corporate and retail clients through 39 branches and more than 200 customer service centers in Uzbekistan.

Since 2017, together with the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank Group, Ipoteka-Bank has launched the integration of international corporate governance practices into its activities.

Ipoteka Bank focuses on contributing to the development of small businesses and private entrepreneurship, financing promising large-scale industrial projects, supporting exporting enterprises, and providing the population with affordable and high quality housing.

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