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OTP Group is the most successful universal banking group in Central and Eastern Europe and an important employer of Central and Eastern European banking world. As a responsible employer, we are committed to provide fair and stable allowances and benefits to our employees. Since the performance of our colleagues is essential to reach the outstanding results of OTP Group, our main objective is to ensure proper improvement and a long-term training system and international career possibilities.

The high standard of quality of our employees’ performance and the value created by them are key building stones of OTP Group’s achievements. We provide regular training courses to support our excellently qualified employees.

Main career fields


Branch network

At OTP Group, we offer numerous products and services to our customers and anyone else interested, in 11 countries. We must be able to focus simultaneously on our customers’ unique needs and the precise management of financial processes—a task that requires an enormous amount of concentration.
If you are someone who understands people’s needs and would be willing to seek solutions that suit their financial conditions, we can offer an excellent opportunity to you in various branch positions. At our Banking Group we ensure a continuous development opportunity and a stable corporate background for you.


Central functions

Our colleagues working in central function positions provide sufficient professional support to the sustainable professional operation of our Banking Group, which is indispensable for the provision of high quality services to our customers. Our business decisions are prepared by first-rate analysts, lawyers, controllers and financial specialists, and the finances of our customers are handled, planned and managed by strategic-minded employees. If you are interested in the banking sector and would be happy to be part of a professional team, join us!


Information technology

To a large degree, bank competition today revolves around innovation. Customers receive more convenient and better services from banks that are the fastest and safest to apply innovations in technology and the latest digital solutions. This ambition is supported by our developer and analyst teams, which work continuously to enable the bank to satisfy customers’ needs at the highest level. Whether it is about operational task, the development of banking IT systems or a new innovative step in digitalisation, excellent IT professionals are welcome to join us.


Customer service

It has become more and more important to our customers to be able to do their finances remotely, in a fast and convenient way. It is our common goal at OTP Banking Group to meet these expectations of our customers; to be willing to help them remotely in their financial decisions, in the administration of their banking matters, and in their recourse to our products and services. We train our employees continuously because we know that customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the personal development of our colleagues. Join us if you, as well, are committed to meeting customers’ needs at the highest possible level.

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