Sustainability Strategy

We are committed to act as a responsible partner to all our stakeholders and to address impacts that our business operations may have on the environment and society. We integrate social, environmental risk and economic considerations in all business decisions, operations and business development.

ESG strategy

Our corporate responsibility strategy sets out the Bank’s sustainability and social responsibility principles, goals and priorities. The strategy was unanimously approved by the Bank’s Management Committee.

The ESG strategy is reflected in the operation of all the Bank's organisational units, while OTP Bank’s Marketing and Communication Directorate is responsible for managing and coordinating corporate social responsibility at Group level, and all foreign subsidiaries have a designated manager responsible for CSR.

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Responsible financial decisions and ethical, environmentally-sound financial solutions are guaranteed for citizens in all countries where the OTP Group operates.



For us, sustainability means taking responsibility for our economic, social and environmental impacts. We believe that through our leadership role in the Central and Eastern European region, our pioneering developments, our conscious and ethical business operation and our exemplary partnerships, we create value and contribute to a sustainable future.

The main pillars of our strategy

Responsible service provider

Find out our commitments as a responsible service provider!

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Responsible employer

Find out our commitments as a responsible employer!

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Responsible social actor

Find out our commitments as a responsible social actor!

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Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the UN designed to be a new, universal blueprint for development by 2030, calling to action to end poverty, fight against climate change and reduction of inequalities. As demonstrated by our sustainability focal points and objectives, OTP Group is committed to foster these goals.

  • As significant participants in several markets and through our tax payments we contribute to the economic, financial and social stability of the region.
  • Through responsible disbursement of the funds of our depositors, our lending activity and investments we have an impact on the delivery of basic needs like providing access to housing and the utilisation of natural resources.
  • Following the principles of equal opportunity we strive to provide accessible sevices and we offer basic banking functions to the disadvantaged persons as well and by improving financial literacy we also support sound financial decisions.
  • As a major employer we are committed to responsible employment, equal opportunity, ensuring the opportunity of personal development and work-life balance.
  • To protect the environment we offer several green financial products and we strive to use resources efficiently during our operation.
  • Through our donations we play an active role in the development of local communities and in supporting disadvantaged persons, communities.

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Our sustainability governance

We are working towards fully integrating sustainability mindset both in our daily operation and business decision making, backed by strong executive commitment



In relation to our stakeholders, we aim to enforce the principles of fair and honest business conduct, which are set out by the Code of Ethics, our internal policies and our organisational culture.

OTP Group has an extremely broad stakeholder base, and we have identified and defined our company’s most important stakeholders using a stakeholder map. In identifying them, we have taken stock of OTP Group’s activities, processes and the resulting impacts; we have identified who is affected and how. As a result, we give special priority to our customers, employees and investors.

Each member company of the Banking Group liaises with stakeholder groups according to their organisational characteristics and the specific stakeholder characteristics. Exploring the views of our stakeholders is a priority, as meeting expectations ensures the Group’s social legitimacy.

We also take feedback into account in the design of our activities and programmes, and stakeholder expectations are integrated into our ESG strategy.

Forms of stakeholder contact

Material topics

The material sustainability issues of OTP Group have been identified through management assessment and extensive stakeholder research, in line with the materiality principle.

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