Global Markets Services

Access to all markets

OTP Global Markets offers a board range of services in the field of local and international money and capital markets.

Under one umbrella clients are provided with a complex service from a single source from the planning and preparation phase to the conclusion of money and capital market transactions.

OTP Global Markets has all the financial and capital market functions, investment services and wealth management, private banking solutions that the bank can offer.

It supports private, corporate, and institutional clients in achieving their goals with competitive conditions, trained staff and innovative, universal yet taylor-made group-level services.

OTP Global Markets’s regional experts keep sharing their knowledge with each other and work closely together to deliver services of an evenly high standard to nearly 93,000 clients.


Due to the group-level operation capital market services, products and services are accessible and offered in all countries where OTP Group is present, regardless of location. OTP Group members offer the following services.

Covered products and markets


Global Markets Products and Capital Market Services provided by OTP Group members


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