Environmental & Social concerns

The OTP Group considers sustainability a top priority in order to avoid negative environmental and social impacts and to enhance positive impacts. The Group’s responsibility for sustainable development starts with its business activities. We contribute to a financial infrastructure that is key to a well-functioning society by reducing risks and help achieve a more sustainable future by creating business opportunities. In addition to economic considerations, ethical, social and environmental risks are incorporated into our business decision-making, our business development and our operations.

As a bank committed to responsibility, we foster dialogue with all contact partners of the projects and programmes we finance. We offer opportunity to be heard and assisted through a grievance mechanism.

Where can comments be submitted?

Any parties directly and/or significantly affected by environmental and social impacts arising from OTP Group’s operational or financial activities can submit questions, concerns to the Group.

to environment@otpbank.hu

addressed to OTP Bank Plc. Green Program Directorate
Hungary - 1051. Budapest, Nádor utca 16.

Handling of questions, concerns

Received concerns are promptly, objectively handled and systematically archived. The Environmental & Social Manager of OTP Bank Plc / Environmental & Social Coordinators at the subsidiaries concerned further coordinate the clarification of your report with the involvement of all required departments. Should we determine that additional information is required for thorough clarification and that processing may take longer as a result, we inform you accordingly.

You are not obliged to identify yourself when making a report, with all reports received handled in confidence by our Environmental & Social Manager/ Coordinators and where necessary, by involved departments for appropriate action.

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