Treasury shares

The table below shows recent number of OTP’s shares held by the OTP Bank. You can have more detailed information on own share transactions by studying OTP’s public announcements.

Volume of treasury shares at OTP Bank and Group members

"A" type ordinary shares

Date of the transactionOTP BankGroup membersTotal number of sharesTotal %Documents
30/11/2023606,0370606,0370.22Number of voting rights on 30 November 2023
15/11/2023602,3460602,3460.22Treasury share transaction
31/10/2023604,9060604,9060.22Number of voting rights on 31 October 2023
26/10/2023602,1650602,1650.22Remuneration policy
30/09/2023602,1800602,1800.22Number of voting rights on 30 September 2023
20/09/2023592,0760592,0760.21Remuneration policy
31/08/2023599,8230599,8230.21Number of voting rights on 31 August 2023
16/08/2023587,6920587,6920.21Remuneration policy
15/08/2023589,8170589,8170.21Remuneration policy
11/08/2023591,4390591,4390.21Remuneration policy
10/08/2023593,2390593,2390.21Remuneration policy
09/08/2023594,1400594,1400.21Remuneration policy
08/08/2023594,4590594,4590.21Remuneration policy
07/08/2023601,0260601,0260.21Remuneration policy
31/07/2023605,7830605,7830.22Number of voting rights on 31 July 2023
  • Date of the transaction30/11/2023OTP Bank606,037Group members0Total number of shares606,037Total %0.22DocumentsNumber of voting rights on 30 November 2023
  • Date of the transaction15/11/2023OTP Bank602,346Group members0Total number of shares602,346Total %0.22DocumentsTreasury share transaction
  • Date of the transaction31/10/2023OTP Bank604,906Group members0Total number of shares604,906Total %0.22DocumentsNumber of voting rights on 31 October 2023
  • Date of the transaction26/10/2023OTP Bank602,165Group members0Total number of shares602,165Total %0.22DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction30/09/2023OTP Bank602,180Group members0Total number of shares602,180Total %0.22DocumentsNumber of voting rights on 30 September 2023
  • Date of the transaction20/09/2023OTP Bank592,076Group members0Total number of shares592,076Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction31/08/2023OTP Bank599,823Group members0Total number of shares599,823Total %0.21DocumentsNumber of voting rights on 31 August 2023
  • Date of the transaction16/08/2023OTP Bank587,692Group members0Total number of shares587,692Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction15/08/2023OTP Bank589,817Group members0Total number of shares589,817Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction11/08/2023OTP Bank591,439Group members0Total number of shares591,439Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction10/08/2023OTP Bank593,239Group members0Total number of shares593,239Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction09/08/2023OTP Bank594,140Group members0Total number of shares594,140Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction08/08/2023OTP Bank594,459Group members0Total number of shares594,459Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction07/08/2023OTP Bank601,026Group members0Total number of shares601,026Total %0.21DocumentsRemuneration policy
  • Date of the transaction31/07/2023OTP Bank605,783Group members0Total number of shares605,783Total %0.22DocumentsNumber of voting rights on 31 July 2023
Total number of ordinary shares
(Actual number of shares representing voting rights)
Actual number of shares representing participation interest
  • Total number of ordinary shares
    (Actual number of shares representing voting rights)
    280,000,010Actual number of shares representing participation interest279,393,973

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