The OTP Group’s 2022 Sustainability Report now available

published atMay 8, 2023Tags:sustainability

The OTP Group’s 2022 Sustainability Report now available

This year, for the first time the OTP Group published its 2022 Sustainability Report not as a separate publication, but as part of its annual financial report. This is due to growing interest in non-financial sustainability data and results. Therefore, from this year onwards OTP Bank will be publishing a Group-wide Integrated Annual Report in Hungarian and English.

Kiemelt adatok (angol)

Beyond efficient and profitable operation, the OTP Group’s strategic goal is to serve as a positive example in environmental, social and corporate governance terms at an international level as well. The company’s value creation activity, sustainable operationand green finance are among the key topics, as environmental considerations are becoming an increasingly important factor in economic and investment decisions, helping to achieve sustainable growth.

For the OTP Group, the development of financial culture and literacy, the establishment and dissemination of financial awareness, has been an important goal for years. This is the eleventh year that it has conducted a survey on the self-provisioning habits and behaviour of the Hungarian population, and their reactions to different economic situations. In addition, it develops educational functions to raise financial awareness among young people, while the OTP Fáy András Foundation—celebrating its 30th anniversary this year—in addition to enhancing financial and economic literacy, also provides training in career planning and vocational orientation, conscious media use, and sustainability.

The OTP Group also considers it an important task to reduce social inequalities and contribute to the creation of opportunities. It is also committed to protecting the environment, and actively participates in the implementation of environmentally conscious solutions.

For the company, employee well-being is also a particularly important pillar of success. In this spirit, a second Group-wide employee engagement survey was conducted in 2022, whose results are used to implement specific actions.

In addition to the topics highlighted above, the published Integrated Annual Report also analyses the Group’s operations from other sustainability perspectives. There are many positive examples and good practices implemented to be found in each of these areas, not only from Hungary, but also among the activities of subsidiary banks. The Sustainability Report, published as part of the Integrated Report, is available to all in both Hungarian and English.


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